Energy/Sports Drinks And The Damage They Cause To Your Teeth!

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What do you drink to hydrate?

Choosing an energy drink may be putting your oral health at risk and damage your teeth.

Studies show that there are more children with serious tooth problems and energy drinks may be the cause. The sugar and acid in an energy drink may lead to tooth decay and erosion.

Healthy Choices, Dental Health, Dental Info, Dental Tips, Dentists in Brampton,The sugar and acid in energy drinks is a perfect recipe for bacteria growth in the mouth which may cause tooth decay and dental erosion. When given the choice, water is best for hydration. If energy drinks must be consumed then it is essential to rinse with water afterwards to reduce the potential damage in may cause. Be sure to wait an hour before brushing after having an energy drink as acidic foods and drinks soften the tooth enamel.

Drinking sports drinks during training and then putting a mouth guard in, locks liquid right on the teeth. The neutralizing effect of saliva is minimized and the damaging effects of the acidity and sugar increase.

Tooth decay is one of the most common childhood disease, however most preventable with proper care. The Ontario Dental Association encourages children and teens to choose water or, at least, limit their intake of sports/energy drinks.

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