Proper Care of Your Toothbrush Brampton Dentists

  • Do not share your toothbrush or use someone else’s
  • After brushing, rinse your toothbrush thoroughly with tap water and allow to air-dry
  • Store standing upright. If it is near other toothbrushes, do not let the heads touch
  • Do not store in closed containers
  • Replace your toothbrush every three to four months or when the bristles look worn and bent
  • It is also important to change toothbrushes after you’ve had a cold, the flu, a mouth infection or a sore throat. That’s because germs can hide in the toothbrush bristles and lead to reinfection.
  • Be sure to use toothbrushes that carry the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) Seal of Recognition

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Brampton Dentists, Top Dentist in Brampton, Healthy Smiles, Dental Programs Ontario, Children's Dental Care, Free Dental Programs Ontario, Dental Health,Good oral health is very important for a child’s overall health, however, for some, dental treatment is not affordable? Ontario offers a dental program called Healthy Smiles for children 17 and under that do not have access to dental coverage. If eligible, children are covered under this programs at no cost.

Healthy Smiles Ontario is a government-funded dental program that provides free preventive, routine, and emergency dental services for children and youth 17 years old and under from low-income households.

The program includes regular visits to a licensed dental provider and covers the costs of treatment including:

  • check-ups
  • cleaning
  • fillings
  • x-rays
  • scaling
  • urgent or emergency dental care

Cosmetic dentistry, including teeth whitening and braces, are not covered by the program.

Your household is automatically enrolled in the program if you or your child receives benefits through:

  • Ontario Works
  • Temporary Care Assistance
  • Ontario Disability Support Program
  • Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities

Children are eligible for the program if they:

  • Are 17 years of age and under
  • live in Ontario
  • come from a household with an income equal to or less than the levels in the table below

If you know a child under the age of 17 that may be in need of dental treatment be sure to contact the local Public Health Unit in your area for more information. You may also contact our dental professionals for more information.

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Whiter Teeth in Just Under 2 Hours! 50% OFF In-Office Whitening LUMIBRITE

Teeth Whitening Brampton Dentists, Zoom Whitening System, Lumibrite Whitening, Best Whitening System, Brampton Dentists, Dentists in Brampton,If you have been thinking of getting your teeth whiter and brighter be sure to book your appointment in the week of December 8th to the 12th, 2014, between 8am to 2pm and receive 50% Off your whitening treatment. (Regular Price $850)

At Dr. Dimovski’s Dental Office we use the Lumibrite Professional Chair-side Teeth Whitening. The Lumibrite Chair-side Whitening System is ideal for fast, effective tooth whitening. This system whitens 8 – 12 shades in just under 2 hours with the Sapphire Light.

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