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It is essential that we brush everyday and at least twice a day to protect our teeth and overall oral health. However, with busy day to day lives, although brushing might be done on a regular basis, if done wrong, it can cause damage to the teeth. Below are common mistakes done when brushing.
1) Not brushing long enough (Brushing should be done for at least 2 minutes)
2) Not paying attention when brushing (It is very important to pay attention and brush all areas of the teeth)
3) Using the wrong toothbrush (A soft bristle toothbrush is essential for proper brushing of the teeth)
4) Brushing too hard (Causes breakage of the tooth structure)
5) Not flossing (Flossing is essential in removing food stuck between the teeth)
6) Not using a mouthwash (Benefits of a mouthwash)
7) Not rinsing after brushing 

ROOT CANAL TREATMENTS (Endodontics) – What is Root Canal Treatment?

Today, with modern dentistry, root canal treatment has become a common form of treatment for diseased (abscessed) teeth. This treatment can be provided by your regular dentist or root canal specialist (Endodontist). Here’s how it’s done: In healthy teeth, the interior of the tooth is filled with tissue (pulp). Once the tooth is injured, cracked, or decayed, it is necessary to open the tooth and clean out the infected tissue in the centre. This space is then filled and the opening sealed. During the procedure the area around the tooth is frozen. Sometimes difficulties may be encountered during or after root canal treatment. This may require the use of medication or involve further treatment. A crown or cap may be necessary to protect the tooth, once the root canal treatment has been completed. Teeth that have had root canal treatment can stay as healthy and last as long as other teeth. In most instances, you won’t be able to feel or see a difference. Information as per the Ontario Dental Association.
Dr. Elizabeth Dimovski
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