Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp (soft tissue inside your teeth containing blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue) becomes inflamed or diseased. During root canal treatment, your dentist or endodontist (a dentist who specializes in treating the insides of teeth) removes the diseased pulp. The pulp chamber and root canal(s) of the tooth are then cleaned and sealed. If the infected pulp is not removed, pain and swelling can result, and your tooth may have to be removed.

Causes of an infected pulp could include:

  • a deep cavity
  • repeated dental procedures
  • a cracked or broken tooth
  • injury to the tooth (even if there’s not a visible crack or chip)

If you continue to care for your teeth and gums your restored tooth could last a lifetime. However, regular checkups are necessary; a tooth without its nerve can still develop cavities or gum disease. Most of the time, a root canal is a relatively simple procedure with little or no discomfort involving one to three visits. Best of all, it can save your tooth and your smile. (ADA)

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Make It A White Christmas! Brampton Dentists

Top Brampton Dentists, Teeth During Christmas, Brampton Dental Offices, Sweets and Your teeth,During the Christmas season it’s not just our waist lines we should be worried about. With all the parties, chocolate gifts and extra hockey games the kids play during Christmas tournaments, we need to pay extra attention to our teeth and gums.

With the increased intake of sugar through sweets, alcohol or sports drinks to hydrate during hockey games, we need to take extra care of our teeth. When it comes to our teeth, it’s not about how much sugar we consume rather how long it stays in our mouth.

Here are some simple steps to protect your teeth and your smile.

  • Top Brampton Dentists, Teeth During Christmas, Brampton Dental Offices, Sweets and Your teeth, Sports Drinks and Your Teeth,Take extra care: Brush at least 3 times a day during the holiday season with a soft bristle toothbrush. ( Be sure to wait 30-60 minutes after eating.)
  • Don’t forget to floss. It’s especially important to get the food out that is stuck in-between the teeth.
  • Drink water during hockey games as the sugars from sports drinks get locked in your teeth with the mouth guard.
  • Drink tap water. Since most contains fluoride, it helps prevent tooth decay no matter how old you are.
  • Try eating sweets during meals and not between.
  • Replace your toothbrush every 3 months or after having the cold or the flu.
  • Be sure to visit your dentists every 3-6 months.

Wishing everyone a great, happy, healthy and white holiday season!

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BRAMPTON DENTIST, dentist in Brampton, Choosing the right toothpaste,With so many types, brands and flavours of toothpaste, it can sometimes be overwhelming choosing the right one for you and your family. Truth is, you can’t really go wrong with any toothpaste as long as it carries the Canadian Dental Association Seal. Simple way to choose: The one you like enough to use every single day!

With this being said, different toothpastes offer different benefits in addition to cleaning your teeth. Some of which are: Tartar Control, Whitening, Sensitivity, Cavity Protection and Gum Protection.

For more information you can always contact one of our friendly dental professionals.

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Do You Smoke? 5 Steps to help you Quit

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Step 1:  Have a plan

Once you’ve made up your mind to quit smoking and set the date, develop a plan. There are free tools online at and a toll-free number, 1-800-QUIT-NOW, to help you succeed. Download an app to track your progress.

Step 2:  Don’t go it alone

It will be easier to quit smoking if you have support from family and friends. Let them know you’ve decided to quit, ask for their support, and tell them specifically what they can do to help. Spend time with people who want you to succeed. Talk to friends who have quit and ask for their advice.

Step 3:  Stay busy

Replace your smoking habit with a healthy habit like exercise. Make plans for dinner or a movie with non-smoking friends. Instead of smoking, chew sugarless gum—it keeps your mouth busy and helps prevent cavities, too.

Step 4:  Avoid smoking triggers

Stay away from people, places and things that tempt you to smoke. Some common triggers include stress, alcohol, coffee, and hanging out with people who smoke. Throw out cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays, and go to places where smoking isn’t allowed.

Step 5:  Reward your accomplishments

Quitting is hard. And, every hour or day you go without a cigarette is an achievement. Take it hour by hour, and reward yourself for small successes. With all the money you save on cigarettes, you can treat yourself to a stress-relieving massage or a pedicure! ADA

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Dental Comics, Humor, Jokes – Brampton Dentists

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Dental Humor

Dental Humor, Dental Jokes, Dental Comics, Dental Info, Mouth Guard Comics, Teeth Jokes, Comics,

Dental Comics

Dental Comics, Humor, Jokes, Brampton Dentists, Dental comic,

Dental Comics

Dental Comics, Humor, Jokes, Brampton Dentists,

Dental Jokes

Dental Comics, Humor, Jokes, Brampton Dentists,

Dental Comic

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