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Drinks that damage your teeth – Brampton Dentists

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Although, in their natural form, coffee and tea can be a healthy beverage, caffeinated ones can cause dry mouth. Adding sugar to them can cause damage to your teeth. Coffee and tea also stain your teeth. Be sure to drink plenty of water after consumption and keep the sugar to a minimal.

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The acid in soda attacks the tooth enamel (the hard surface of the tooth) causing damage to your teeth. The caffeine in them causes dry mouth. A healthier choice is always water, but if you must drink soda be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards and be sure to wait a half hour to an hour before brushing your teeth.

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The sugar and acid in energy drinks is a perfect recipe for bacteria growth in the mouth which may cause tooth decay and dental erosion. When given the choice, water is best for hydration. If energy drinks must be consumed then it is essential to rinse with water afterwards to reduce the potential damage in may cause. Be sure to wait an hour before brushing after having an energy drink as acidic foods and drinks softens the tooth enamel.

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Alcohol consumption reduces saliva flow which may lead to tooth decay and/or gum disease. The reduction of saliva flow also cause dry mouth. Heavy alcohol use increases the risk of oral cancer. Limiting the consumption of alcohol would be wise.

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Using a hard bristle toothbrush is good for your teeth and oral health!


Brampton Dentists, Top Dentist in Brampton, Best Dentist in Brampton, Tooth Brushing, Dental health, Dental info, Dental Facts,It is very important when choosing a toothbrush we choose one with soft bristles. Brushing your teeth with a medium or hard bristle toothbrush damages the tooth enamel and gum tissue which can often lead to gum recession and abrasion of the enamel. The myth about a hard bristle toothbrush cleaning your teeth better is just wrong. A soft bristle toothbrush is a lot more flexible allowing the bristles to reach between your teeth and gums. It is also easier on the teeth to assure not causing damage. Give your teeth and gums a break and make sure you use a soft bristle tooth brush!

Soft brushes are designed to be gentle on your teeth and gums, but don’t throw those hard brushes out , they are good for ring around the collar and cleaning around faucets and little corners!

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As dental professionals wTop Brampton family Dentist, Dental Care, Dental Info, Dental Health,e get asked question about dental care on a daily basis. We have created this Blog Page to provide you information on dentistry, dental care and health. With the help of The Canadian Dental Association, The Ontario Dental AssociationThe American Dental Association and through our knowledge and experience we aim to aid you with best possible information in taking care of your pearly whites and gums.

Should you have any question on dental topics, be sure to ask us and we will be sure to answer!

One of the questions we get ask often is what is the best possible home care to prevent gum disease, dental caries and tooth loss.

Dental home care is essential in taking good care of your teeth and gums. This includes brushing your teeth half an hour to an hour after every meal and before bedtime, flossing at least once each day, and seeing your dentist for regular cleanings and exams every 3 to 6 months. Spending a few minutes a day on preventative measures may save you the time and money of preventing dental caries, periodontal disease, tooth loss and replacement!

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Is Your Saliva Flow Regular?

Saliva, Good Oral Health Habits, Mouth Healthy, Dental Info, Dental facts, Brampton Dentists, Cosmetic Dentists Brampton, Local Dentist,Saliva, or spit, plays a significant role in maintaining oral health. It is derived from blood and acts as the bloodstream of the mouth. What this means is, like blood, saliva helps build and maintain the health of soft and hard tissues. When saliva flow is reduced oral health problems such as tooth decay and other oral infections can occur. Chewing is the most efficient way to stimulate salivary flow. It causes muscles to compress the salivary glands and release saliva.

Saliva also:

  • Washes away food and debris from teeth and gums
  • Helps moisten and break down food to ease swallowing and enhances ability to taste
  • Provides disease-fighting substances throughout your mouth to help prevent cavities and other infections
  • Helps keep the surface of your teeth strong by providing high levels of calcium, fluoride and phosphate ions at the tooth surface.

In addition to keeping your mouth healthy, saliva may contain indicators of health concerns as well. Since it shares many properties with blood, the use of saliva to detect and diagnose oral diseases and other diseases that could affect your general health is being studied. Researchers have reported promising results in the use of saliva for the diagnosis of breast cancer, oral cancers, gum disease and viral hepatitis. Saliva is already used for rapid HIV testing.

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