The Importance of Staying Hydrated in Hot Weather – Brampton Dentists

Staying Hydrated in Hot Weather, Brampton Dentists, Brampton Dental Offices, The Importance of Staying Hydrated, As the summer temperature rises it is important to remember as we sweat, breath and rid of waste our bodies lose fluids. If we lose more fluids than we take in we become dehydrated and the need to drink lots of water for hydration, especially when exercising and in warmer weather, becomes imperative. Staying hydrated is especially important for kids and seniors.

The importance of drinking lots of water and staying hydrated:

  • Control of body temperature
  • Movement of nutrients and waste throughout the body
  • Control of blood pressure
  • Protection and cushion of cells, muscles, joints and organs
  • Lowering the chances of dehydration and heat strokes

The amount of water we drink depends on our body, weight, gender and age however, we should always drink more water when doing physical activities and in hot weather.

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