Will your New Year’s Resolution be to quit smoking? Here are steps and resources to help you achieve your goal!

As January 1st nears many of us are thinking of New Year’s resolutions. If you smoke, your resolution may be to quit. Although you may have tried a number of times in the past know that preparation, being ready to quit and wanting to live a healthier life are key to kicking the habit. Below are helpful steps and resources in aiding you to achieve your goal put out by the American Dental Association.

Step 1:  Have a planNew Year's resolution Quit Smoking, Brampton Dentists, Dental offices In Brampton, Cosmetic Dentist in Brampton Top Dentists, Beast Dentist in Brampton,

Once you’ve made up your mind to quit smoking and set the date, develop a plan. There are free tools online at smokefree.gov and a toll-free number, 1-800-QUIT-NOW, to help you succeed. Download an app to track your progress.

Step 2:  Don’t go it alone

It will be easier to quit smoking if you have support from family and friends. Let them know you’ve decided to quit, ask for their support, and tell them specifically what they can do to help. Spend time with people who want you to succeed. Talk to friends who have quit and ask for their advice.

Step 3:  Stay busy

Replace your smoking habit with a healthy habit like exercise. Make plans for dinner or a movie with non-smoking friends. Instead of smoking, chew sugarless gum—it keeps your mouth busy and helps prevent cavities, too.

Step 4:  Avoid smoking triggers

Stay away from people, places and things that tempt you to smoke. Some common triggers include stress, alcohol, coffee, and hanging out with people who smoke. Throw out cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays, and go to places where smoking isn’t allowed.

Step 5:  Reward your accomplishments

Quitting is hard. And, every hour or day you go without a cigarette is an achievement. Take it hour by hour, and reward yourself for small successes. With all the money you save on cigarettes, you can treat yourself to a stress-relieving massage or a pedicure! ADA

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